7  If ''President'' Trump ate more healthy and exercised regularly would it make a significant difference in the way he governs his country?
5  Eating McDonald's at 2:00 am because nothing else is available VS starving
11  Should Wikipedia stop begging money to people who are trying to read?
4  How come FIVERR takes away 20% from WORK and PATREON only takes 5% FROM every DONATION
6  Donald Trump, Beyonce, Pope Francis, Mark Zuckerberg, Benjamin Netanyahu or Lebron James - who is more likely to be a Satan worshipper?
4  Should Donald Trump move the Pope from Vatican City to Turkey and declare Istanbul the captial of Christianity?
5  Why does Trump say Assad used chemical weapons (when he didnt) and says nothing about Israel 🇮🇱 (When we know they did use them)??
8  Do you find it despicable that the U.S government is using thanksgiviing as a distraction to attack net neutrality and take away individual freedoms by throttling internet speeds and block services such as P2P and online streaming as well as websites
6  Should Philip DeFranco speak MUCH slower?
5  Should PewDiePie stop yelling in his videos?
7  Who has more human blood on his hands, Trump or Obama?
7  What did Obama really mean when he said ''we must curate the news'' and create some form of ''thruthiness test'?
7  Should it be illegal for men to walk around naked like big faggots inside a locker room?
9  Should algebra and calculus not be taught in school anymore?
5  Should businesses hire more female slaves and more colored corporate drones?
8  Should NASA stop altering and faking Hubble's deep space images?
5  Tokyo Vs Barcelona -----> Which city is more fun to live in?
10  Is saying that ''Black Lives Matter'' one of the most racist thing you could say?
9  Should the Baseball ''World Series'' be renamed to ''Super Series'' or something similar?
7  Did the chinese guy (white rose) from Mr.Robot really manipulate Donald Trump like a puppet to fit his own agenda?
9  Should we get rid of Equifax?
9  Should Lamborghini make four-door cars?
7  Should the Senkaku islands belong to China or to Japan?
7  Lex Luthor vs Donald Trump - which fictional US president do you prefer?
5  Should Patrick Bet-David stop making Basketball analogies pertaining to business?
6  Are Trump Steaks kosher?
8  Do we already live in the matrix or are we building it everyday as we go?
8  Why does Melania keep pushing Donald Trump's hand away?
7  Should Trump and Macron trade spouses?
7  Should Donald Trump take a geography LIVE test?
6  Should the ''life coach'' title require minimum a nobel prize or 5M$ in the bank?
6  Should the word "television" be renamed "propadvertavison"?
6  Should we block donald trump (yes fucking lowercase so he can't sue me!) and yes ENTERTAINMENT CATEGORY!!
3  Is Donald Trump actually a nonsensical cockatoo powered by ego waffles?
6  Donald Trump vs The Riddler - who is more enigmatic?
9  Stephen Colbert vs Jon Oliver
6  Should Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto ban all the Coronas from entering America?
6  Should Donald Trump close his twitter account?
6  India vs Pakistan - in which country would you prefer to live?
7  Do you realize that you are actually alive right now? Why?
4  Should you rest after you're done with both arms or after each arm during training?
7  Would you live in a society regulated by The Sibyl System (Psycho Pass) or something relatively similar?
7  Who will get to explode the earth first, Trump or Kim Jong Un?
4  Ivanka Trump vs Melania Trump - who is better looking?
10  Who has slept with the most prostitutes? Donald Trump or Bill Clinton?
6  Is Donald Trump trying to confuse the general public?
5  Should Shark Tank contestants stop thanking the Sharks immediately after they get insulted?
7  Is Trump actually president George Sears aka Solidus Snake?
4  Should Mcdonald's close it's Vatican's restaurant?
7  Why dont the american natives revolt and take back their land?
5  Should elite sports women players stop yelling like pregnant witches when they score?
4  Should there be an internet police for trolls?
6  Should Russia stop gays from entering the country?
4  Should Greece get the fuck OUT of Europe?
5  Should Mayweather fight Pacquiao AND Golovkin AND Conor McGregor 3 vs 1 ?
5  Should women cover up more or should men restrain themselves more?
6  Should people shut the fuck up about bacon and about eating bacon?
4  Should it be illegal to make fun of someone's religion?
4  TIME person of the year? Assange or Trump?
5  Should people from customer service stop apologizing hypocritically?
2  Starbucks vs McDonald's - Who makes the best coffee between the two?
6  Should Eugenia Cooney be banned from Youtube?
2  Should Edward Snowden get a complete pardon from the US?
5  Should we force your local mayor to try sim city or cities skyline?
7  Should hairdressers NOT start a conversation with their clients?
2  Who should be US Secretary of the Treasury, Peter Schiff or a Hologram of Alexander Hamilton?
4  Is Trump going to build his wall or not?
6  Should kitchen chefs stop being dickheads?
5  Since black people are african-americans, should we start calling caucasians european-americans?
7  Would you let Donald Trump grab your pussy?
5  Should "self-improvement" people leave us alone and go improve themselves elsewhere?
6  Should heterosexual porn be SEPARATED from homosexual porn?
5  Did Melania Trump stole Michel Obama speech?
5  Is Donald Trump the new black?
8  Should they stop showing shots of the guy's face in porno movies?