1  Do you NOT watch movies based on their IMDB rating?
8  Could the world become a better place if only we could stop making it worse?
6  Big Brother type reality TV vs The Sims: what's the difference?
5  How come every day or so there is some new sensation that we have to know about?
7  Are you sick and tired of hearing people begging you to SUBSCRIBE & LIKE?
7  If ''President'' Trump ate more healthy and exercised regularly would it make a significant difference in the way he governs his country?
5  Eating McDonald's at 2:00 am because nothing else is available VS starving
6  Rodrigo Duterte vs El Chapo - who is more of a badass mutherfucker
5  Does the act of voting makes you an accomplice of the tyranny that ends up governing you?
4  During epic medieval battles, how did they recognize and not hit each other on the battlefield?
9  Do zombie movies exist as a mean to banter with resurrection?
7  Is The Rock black or white?
11  Should Wikipedia stop begging money to people who are trying to read?
9  Is the explosion of the Bitcoin value turning hackers, crooks and outlaws into multi-millionnaires?
8  When you see Elon Musk do you see him as an Entrepreneur, an Engineer, or some guy that wants to go to Mars and has a car company
6  Do you believe in chemtrails?
6  Who stinks the most? Indians, or Cambodians?
4  How come FIVERR takes away 20% from WORK and PATREON only takes 5% FROM every DONATION
6  Optimism vs Cynicism
7  Is feminism killing desire?
8  Taking a dump at work/school or waiting to get home (just for the sake of not having to use a public bathroom)
6  Why is Philip DeFranco not disclosing how much he is earning each month through Patreon donations?
6  Donald Trump, Beyonce, Pope Francis, Mark Zuckerberg, Benjamin Netanyahu or Lebron James - who is more likely to be a Satan worshipper?
5  Is the Big Bang Theory intro subliminal? Was it designed to push us into becoming agnostics who only believe in evolution?
4  Should Donald Trump move the Pope from Vatican City to Turkey and declare Istanbul the captial of Christianity?
6  Isn't it odd that Jared Kushner resides at 666 Fifth Avenue?
9  Will Bitcoin (BTC) really reach one million dollars by 2020?
7  Weird YouTube video of Spiderman kissing Elsa after he's done taking a dump VS Video of Elsa and Joker taking a dump together?
10  When you are talking to A.I, do you feel stupid because you realize that you are in fact talking to yourself?
9  Are mirrors portals to other dimensions?
7  Do the americans secretly worship the pagan ''deity'' of ''Columbia''?
7  Unbox Therapy vs Unbox Junkie
8  Do people troll online and insult people for no reason because they hate their life and their job sucks or is it because they are genuinely malevolent?
7  Do you check your email 1000x times a day?
10  Will AI robots and androids one day attain singularity?
7  Playerunknown's battlegrounds vs Battlefield 1 (online multiplayer)
8  Star Talk (with Neil Degrasse Tyson) vs VICE's Cyberwar - which show do you prefer?
7  Why do western media keep blaming Islam, when most of the false flag attacks, shootings and terrorism is done to protect or expand Zionist Israel?
5  Why does Trump say Assad used chemical weapons (when he didnt) and says nothing about Israel 🇮🇱 (When we know they did use them)??
7  Political correctness VS TRUTH
10  How come that although there are people suffering in poverty, huge donations are made to protect endangered species?
6  Are rights of criminals given more respect than the privacy of their victims?
7  Why are billions and billions of dollars spent on new weapons in order to ''humanely'' murder other humans?
5  Why do we let Satan slowly corrupt and turn people into sheep, homosexuals, liars, transexuals, selfish cowards, ignorants, atheists, drug addicts, incests and murderers?
8  Do you find it despicable that the U.S government is using thanksgiviing as a distraction to attack net neutrality and take away individual freedoms by throttling internet speeds and block services such as P2P and online streaming as well as websites
6  Should Philip DeFranco speak MUCH slower?
5  Should PewDiePie stop yelling in his videos?
7  Who has more human blood on his hands, Trump or Obama?
7  What did Obama really mean when he said ''we must curate the news'' and create some form of ''thruthiness test'?
7  What good is the United Nations when the US, China, France, Russia and the UK can cancel any proposition with their veto?
7  Should it be illegal for men to walk around naked like big faggots inside a locker room?
9  Should algebra and calculus not be taught in school anymore?
7  Who is more evil, Weinstein or Hitler?
5  Gamers! Vs Log Horizon - which anime about gaming do you prefer?
5  Should businesses hire more female slaves and more colored corporate drones?
8  Should NASA stop altering and faking Hubble's deep space images?
7  Champagne vs Sparkling wine
5  Tokyo Vs Barcelona -----> Which city is more fun to live in?
6  Jeffrey Dean Morgan vs Norman Reedus - who is more badass?
6  How come when people play chess masterfully they are geniuses and when they play age of empires 3 masterfully they are geeks?
8  Xenoblade Chronicles 2 vs Super Mario Odyssey | which Nintendo Switch game do you think is better in your opinion?
6  LG vs Sony - who makes the best TVs (in general)?
8  Blizzcon vs Comicon - which event is more fun to attend?
6  M.I.T vs Harvard - where would you rather study?
7  Knowing the allegations surrounding Kevin Spacey, would you still start watching House of Cards if you haven't yet?
8  Fallout 4 - Siding with the Institute or the Brotherhood of Steel?
10  Is saying that ''Black Lives Matter'' one of the most racist thing you could say?
10  Do you think Elon Musk could drive drunk without ever getting arrested by the police?
9  Does planet Nibiru (Planet X) really exist and will it really collide with earth one day?
9  Power vs Empire - best tv show promoting black people doing illegal stuff?
9  Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux - who will win their upcoming bout?
9  Should the Baseball ''World Series'' be renamed to ''Super Series'' or something similar?
7  Did the chinese guy (white rose) from Mr.Robot really manipulate Donald Trump like a puppet to fit his own agenda?
11  Slovenia vs Croatia - which country is more beautiful to visit as a tourist?
7  Shark Tank vs Planet of the apps - which reality entrepreneurs tv show is more entertaining to watch?