7  Knowing the allegations surrounding Kevin Spacey, would you still start watching House of Cards if you haven't yet?
10  Is saying that ''Black Lives Matter'' one of the most racist thing you could say?
9  Why is Patrick Bet David closing Valuetainment on YouTube?
8  David Lemieux vs Billy Joe Saunders
6  Triumph Tiger vs Ducati Monster (2017)
10  Wolfenstein New Colossus vs. Dishonored 2
8  Are all these pandemic and post apocalyptic movies, series and games supposed to prep us for whats coming next?
8  Who is behind BlackRock?
8  Dana White vs Joe Rogan - who would win in an MMA fight?
9  Ronda Rousey vs Conor McGregor - who would win if they fought?
8  Is YouTube punishing non-daily content publishers for refusing to be enslaved?
14  Playstation VR vs Oculus Rift vs Steam VR
67  which one is the cutest?
8  Who would win in a standup fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather jr?
8  Nike vs Jordan : Which brand do you prefer?
6  Who is your favorite Big Bang Theory character?
5  Are you sick and tired of people who write their certifications beside their signature?
9  Vikings: Ragnar VS Rollo : Who do you prefer?
5  9-5 Corporate Job Vs Entrepreneurship
7  Should Uber be shut down ?
11  Should Trump be the next president of USA?
9  Call of Duty Vs Battlefield: Best FPS franchise?
14  What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?