67  which one is the cutest?
66  90s kids, which objrct do you miss the most?
34  which cereal do you prefer?
28  How close to reality are we from the show Mr. Robot?
24  Is Mr Robot a mix of #BreakingBad #TheMatrix #FightClub #Dexter #RealLife #NewYork #Fucking with your mind # MrRobot
15  How Elisa Lam died?
14  If a child under the age of 15 wanted to, could he/she just walk out the door and make a living?
14  Which map is cooler? Middle-Earth, or Westeros?
14  Which color appeals to you the most:
13  Would you RATHER: be extremely rich but not popular, or extremely popular but not rich
13  As a capitalist, are you OK with Bernie Sanders taking 90% of your money and redistributing it to other people?
13  Playstation VR vs Oculus Rift vs Steam VR
12  Should Hilary Clinton be in the White House 2016, or PRISON 2016???
12  simple toaster or hi tech small oven
12  Lord of the Rings VS Harry Potter
12  Will Jon Snow come back in Season 6?
12  Vikings (vs) Breaking Bad (vs) Game of Thrones (vs) Walking Dead
11  Do you prefer eating in big meals a few times a day, or snacking constantly?
11  WHAT'S WORSE: --- having your voice crack in front of your crush VS accidentally farting in front of your crush
11  Should Trump be the next president of USA?
11  Should Marijuana be legalized in America?
11  France vs Germany - which country is better overall?
11  What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?
11  Watch Dogs vs The Division - Biggest Ubisoft Disappointment?
10  BE HONEST: Can you lick your own elbow???
10  Who do you think would be the best president? Ted Cruz VS John Kasich VS Donald Trump VS Hilary Clinton VS Bernie Sanders?
10  Is saying that ''Black Lives Matter'' one of the most racist thing you could say?
10  Dmitry Pirog vs GGG - who would win?
10  is Scarlett Johansson the best actress to play the main character in Ghost in the Shell?
10  RT News vs CNN
10  Laurent Delahousse vs David Pujadas
10  Bernie Sanders vs Larry King - Who would win in a bare knuckle alley fight?
10  Do you think Elon Musk could drive drunk without ever getting arrested by the police?
10  Do you have a foot fetish?
10  When someone copies you, do you see it as a compliment or does it make you mad?
10  Slovenia vs Croatia - which country is more beautiful to visit as a tourist?
10  Was college porn created to encourage people to go to college?
10  How many Gods do you think there are?
10  Bodybuilding: Lifting Heavy VS Slow Controlled Reps
10  Wolfenstein New Colossus vs. Dishonored 2
9  If you could be INVISIBLE, or able to FLY, what would you choose?
9  Wimbledon vs Roland Garros - which tennis courts are better?
9  Does Donald Trump REALLY have an organized plan to "Make America Great Again?"
9  Should Abortion be made illegal???
9  Manuel Valls vs François Fillon
9  Do you believe that the government cares about what the general public has to say?
9  Stephen Colbert vs Jon Oliver
9  Buying PC Games when they come out vs Waiting for Steam Sale?
9  Do you prefer shower in the morning or at night?
9  Chevrolet vs Ford
9  Best Dashboard / Interior - Honda Accord 2018 vs Toyota Camry 2018
9  Should Lamborghini make four-door cars?
9  Bernard Hopkins vs Marvin Hagler
9  Would you consider Lord of the Rings to be the BEST TRILOGY EVER???
9  Vikings: Ragnar VS Rollo : Who do you prefer?
9  How likely is it that Tyrion will die before the end of the show: "Game Of Thrones"???
9  Does Negan scare the shit out of you?
9  Power vs Empire - best tv show promoting black people doing illegal stuff?
9  Michael Stipe (R.E.M) vs Bonno (U2) vs Thom Yorke (Radiohead)
9  Does planet Nibiru (Planet X) really exist and will it really collide with earth one day?
9  which pie look the best?
9  Do you believe that Jay-Z is a murderer?
9  Who has slept with the most prostitutes? Donald Trump or Bill Clinton?
9  Are you for or against net neutrality
9  which quotation is your favorite?
9  Society vs Community - Where do you most belong?
9  Castrol vs Valvoline vs Mobil - best motor oil overall?
9  Federal Hall vs Independence Hall
9  Ronda Rousey vs Conor McGregor - who would win if they fought?
9  Why is Patrick Bet David closing Valuetainment on YouTube?
9  VR Training vs Real Training - Which is more valuable?
9  Should algebra and calculus not be taught in school anymore?
9  Should we get rid of Equifax?
9  Call of Duty Vs Battlefield: Best FPS franchise?