6  LG vs Sony - who makes the best TVs (in general)?
9  Power vs Empire - best tv show promoting black people doing illegal stuff?
7  Al Haymon vs Cus D'Amato - who is the best boxing manager?
5  Dennis Hof vs Floyd Mayweather - Which Pimp has the best defense?
7  Goodman vs Amana --- best hvacs?
9  Best Dashboard / Interior - Honda Accord 2018 vs Toyota Camry 2018
7  Amazon vs Going to the mall
9  Buying PC Games when they come out vs Waiting for Steam Sale?
7  @Midnight vs Talking Dead - best show featuring Chris Hardwick
5  Star Citizen best starter ship?
8  Can youtube knowledge replace college education (applied in your field)?
6  Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers - Who has the best football fans?
7  Unscripted: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship vs The Millionaire Fastlane --- Best entrepreneurship book by MJ DeMarco?
5  UMP 45 vs MP5 - best submachine gun?
6  HKS vs Greddy - who makes the best aftermarket parts for japanese cars?
6  Annie Oakley vs Vasily Zaytsev - who was the best shot?
4  Jaroslav Halak vs Carey Price - Best hockey goalkeeper?
7  Neil DeGrasse Tyson vs William Shatner - best sci-fi talkshow host?
4  Champion vs Under Armour - best athletic apparel?
4  Assetto Corsa vs Gran Turismo Sport - Best driving simulator?
7  Ristretto vs Livanto vs Dharkan vs Vanilio - best nespresso coffee capsule?
8  Pajar vs Canada Goose - best winter coats?
7  ASrock vs Gigabyte - Who makes the best motherboards?
9  Castrol vs Valvoline vs Mobil - best motor oil overall?
8  Imvu vs Second Life - best game for people with no life ?
6  Ford Raptor F150 vs Toyota Tundra - best truck?
6  WIRED vs Macworld vs Maximumpc - best computer magazine?
6  Twitch vs YouTube - Best place to watch people play video games?
7  maxnomic vs dxracer vs akracing - best gaming chair?
4  Apple iPad Air 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab E - best tablet for the price?
2  Starbucks vs McDonald's - Who makes the best coffee between the two?
1  Best car brand? GMC or Geo
1  Which car would you buy between 2017 chrysler pacifica, 2009 - alfaromeo or 2013 fiat 500e?
1  Which car would you buy between a 2017 mercedes benz, 2012 aston martin and 2014 mclaren?
0  Which car would you buy between 2011 infiniti m56s, 2015 bentley continental and 2016 aston martin?
1  Who makes the best cars? Isdera vs SAIC
3  Which car manufacturer makes the best automobiles? Abadal vs Ford vs SAIC vs Corvette
3  Netflix vs Hulu - Best offer?
6  Which one of these scarlett johansson memes is the best
10  is Scarlett Johansson the best actress to play the main character in Ghost in the Shell?
5  Virtua Fighter vs Tekken - Best fighting franchise?
3  Huffington Post vs New York Times - Best media outlet?
3  Best Auto Racetrack? Laguna Seca vs Daytona
3  Audi RS7 vs BMW M6 - Best car?
5  Nike vs Wilson vs Spalding who makes the best basketballs?
7  What was the best moment of the Olympics in Rio 2016?
6  Ray Ban Wayferer vs Ray Ban Aviator : Best looking sunglasses?
6  Can YouTube replace a real friend?
4  Marlon Williams vs Delaney Davidson - Best singer-songwriter from New Zealand between the two?
5  Muhammad Ali vs Tyson Fury - Who is/was the best trashtalker to ever hold the heavyweight title?
2  Sennheiser vs Bose vs Beats - headphones with best audio overall?
4  Who has the best talkshow? Jimmy Kimmel or Conan O'brien?
3  Oscar de la hoya or Shane Mosley : who in your opninion has the best jab?
3  Chevy poll - Corvette z06 vs Camaro - 2016 - Best car?
5  Adam Jensen vs J.C. Denton : Best Deus Ex Main Character?
5  Trading at 77.16 USD right now, is buying Alibaba stock worth it?
5  Skippy vs Jif : Best tasting peanut butter?
6  Chaos Computer Club vs Anonymous ---> Who has the best hacking skills?
3  Best Crysis game? 1 v 2 v 3
5  Aunt Jemima vs Tupac - Who wears the best headscarf ?
4  Heavy Rain vs Quantum Break - Best game in this particular "genre"?
5  Beyond the Tank [vs] Talking Dead - Best "side" Show?
3  Next-episode.net VS Episodate.com - What is the best site for following your favorite tv show?
6  Ikea vs Jysk - best place to buy furniture in Canada?
2  Corsair vs Crucial vs Kingston vs Gskill - Who makes the best aftermarket ram memory?
2  Honda Fit vs Nissan Micra - Best poor man's car?
3  Alienware vs MSI vs Asus - Who makes the best gaming laptops?
3  Americans vs Germans - Who are the best people between the two?
2  do you prefer amazon or ebay?
3  have you ever use amazon?
5  Sword Art Online vs Dot Hack - Best anime about people being inside a video game?
3  Michael Mando best performance? Better Call Saul vs Far Cry 3
5  Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Ronnie Colema - Best bodybuilder?
2  YouTube vs Reddit : Who has the best comment section?
5  Teddy Atlas vs Freddie Roach vs John David Jackson - Best boxing coach right now?