7  Big Brother type reality TV vs The Sims: what's the difference?
7  If ''President'' Trump ate more healthy and exercised regularly would it make a significant difference in the way he governs his country?
6  Rodrigo Duterte vs El Chapo - who is more of a badass mutherfucker
9  Is the explosion of the Bitcoin value turning hackers, crooks and outlaws into multi-millionnaires?
6  Why is Philip DeFranco not disclosing how much he is earning each month through Patreon donations?
6  Donald Trump, Beyonce, Pope Francis, Mark Zuckerberg, Benjamin Netanyahu or Lebron James - who is more likely to be a Satan worshipper?
8  Star Talk (with Neil Degrasse Tyson) vs VICE's Cyberwar - which show do you prefer?
6  Are rights of criminals given more respect than the privacy of their victims?
7  Who has more human blood on his hands, Trump or Obama?
7  What good is the United Nations when the US, China, France, Russia and the UK can cancel any proposition with their veto?
9  Should algebra and calculus not be taught in school anymore?
7  Who is more evil, Weinstein or Hitler?
5  Gamers! Vs Log Horizon - which anime about gaming do you prefer?
5  Should businesses hire more female slaves and more colored corporate drones?
5  Tokyo Vs Barcelona -----> Which city is more fun to live in?
6  Jeffrey Dean Morgan vs Norman Reedus - who is more badass?
8  Xenoblade Chronicles 2 vs Super Mario Odyssey | which Nintendo Switch game do you think is better in your opinion?
8  Blizzcon vs Comicon - which event is more fun to attend?
11  Slovenia vs Croatia - which country is more beautiful to visit as a tourist?
7  Shark Tank vs Planet of the apps - which reality entrepreneurs tv show is more entertaining to watch?
8  Ben Simmons vs Lonzo Ball - which NBA player is more talented?
9  Why is Patrick Bet David closing Valuetainment on YouTube?
5  Vice News vs Fox News - which news are more accurate?
9  Wimbledon vs Roland Garros - which tennis courts are better?
5  Dennis Hof vs Floyd Mayweather - Which Pimp has the best defense?
7  What's more impressive to look at through the telescope: Saturn or the Moon?
5  Grant Cardone vs Gary Vaynerchuk - Who has more success in general?
7  Lex Luthor vs Donald Trump - which fictional US president do you prefer?
6  Who is more pro palestine Superman or Wonderman?
9  VR Training vs Real Training - Which is more valuable?
7  Ethereum vs Bitcoin - which one is more likely to still exist in the near future?
6  English vs Esperanto - which language is more international?
8  crow vs raven - which bird do you prefer?
5  Dragon Ball Z vs Star Wars - which fictionnal universe do you prefer?
6  Donald Trump vs The Riddler - who is more enigmatic?
7  arial vs verdana : which font is better?
11  France vs Germany - which country is better overall?
8  Which type of fry do you prefer?
6  American national anthem vs Russian national anthem - which sounds better?
7  Budweiser vs Coors Light - which beer tastes less like human urine?
6  India vs Pakistan - in which country would you prefer to live?
4  Streets of rage or Final Fight, which classic side-scrolling fighting game is better?
6  Germans vs Portuguese - which civilization is greater?
7  TCP/IP vs OSI - which model is more representative of reality?
6  Michele Romanow vs Manjit Minhas - which of these two Dragons would you go with?
7  horizon zero dawn vs lost planet : which franchise do you prefer?
5  Who do you trust more? The american government or the russian government?
5  Digital vs Analog (mechanical) Bathroom scale - which one is better to weigh yourself?
7  Kim Kardashian vs Potato Chip - who has more intelligence?
5  Gears of War vs Uncharted --- Which series do you think is better than the other (even if by a thin margin)?
6  Is there such a thing in the world as absolute reality?
6  Jimmy Fallon vs Jimmy Kimmel - Who has more ego?
8  How close from the show "Caprica" is current VR (virtual reality) technology?
4  British vs Americans - Who are more racist?
5  Should women cover up more or should men restrain themselves more?
5  Is it morally okay to get into a position of power through fear and division?
5  What are you more scared of? (1) That time flies by too quickly or (2) that you are not living life to the fullest?
5  Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality
7  Does Rosie Odonnel eat over the kitchen counter late at night?
3  Which country do you think spies more on the rest of the world?
3  Xerces vs Bejamin Netanyahu - Who is more evil?
2  Who is more funny, Bill Bur or Conan O'brien?
1  Which car would you rather have? 2016-hyundai-tucson- or 2016-honda-pilot- ?
1  Which car would you buy between 2017 chrysler pacifica, 2009 - alfaromeo or 2013 fiat 500e?
1  Which car would you buy between a 2017 mercedes benz, 2012 aston martin and 2014 mclaren?
0  Which car would you buy between 2011 infiniti m56s, 2015 bentley continental and 2016 aston martin?
5  Which celebrity do you prefer? amanda seyfried vs kate upton
3  Which car manufacturer makes the best automobiles? Abadal vs Ford vs SAIC vs Corvette
2  Which celebrity is more generous? Jeff Bridges vs Edward Norton vs Jason Statham
1  Which Ferrari model do you prefer? enzo vs 550 vs 288
1  Which Ferrari model is better? enzo or 550?
1  Who do you prefer, Demi Lovato or Drew Barrymore?
0  Who do you prefer, Drew Barrymore or Drew Barrymore?
0  Who do you prefer, Drew Barrymore or Derek Jeter?
6  Which one of these scarlett johansson memes is the best