2  Do you NOT watch movies based on their IMDB rating?
8  Could the world become a better place if only we could stop making it worse?
5  How come every day or so there is some new sensation that we have to know about?
7  Are you sick and tired of hearing people begging you to SUBSCRIBE & LIKE?
5  Does the act of voting makes you an accomplice of the tyranny that ends up governing you?
8  When you see Elon Musk do you see him as an Entrepreneur, an Engineer, or some guy that wants to go to Mars and has a car company
6  Do you believe in chemtrails?
4  How come FIVERR takes away 20% from WORK and PATREON only takes 5% FROM every DONATION
5  Is the Big Bang Theory intro subliminal? Was it designed to push us into becoming agnostics who only believe in evolution?
7  Weird YouTube video of Spiderman kissing Elsa after he's done taking a dump VS Video of Elsa and Joker taking a dump together?
10  When you are talking to A.I, do you feel stupid because you realize that you are in fact talking to yourself?
8  Do people troll online and insult people for no reason because they hate their life and their job sucks or is it because they are genuinely malevolent?
7  Do you check your email 1000x times a day?
7  Playerunknown's battlegrounds vs Battlefield 1 (online multiplayer)
8  Star Talk (with Neil Degrasse Tyson) vs VICE's Cyberwar - which show do you prefer?
10  How come that although there are people suffering in poverty, huge donations are made to protect endangered species?
8  Do you find it despicable that the U.S government is using thanksgiviing as a distraction to attack net neutrality and take away individual freedoms by throttling internet speeds and block services such as P2P and online streaming as well as websites
7  What did Obama really mean when he said ''we must curate the news'' and create some form of ''thruthiness test'?
5  Gamers! Vs Log Horizon - which anime about gaming do you prefer?
5  Tokyo Vs Barcelona -----> Which city is more fun to live in?
6  How come when people play chess masterfully they are geniuses and when they play age of empires 3 masterfully they are geeks?
8  Xenoblade Chronicles 2 vs Super Mario Odyssey | which Nintendo Switch game do you think is better in your opinion?
8  Blizzcon vs Comicon - which event is more fun to attend?
6  M.I.T vs Harvard - where would you rather study?
7  Knowing the allegations surrounding Kevin Spacey, would you still start watching House of Cards if you haven't yet?
10  Is saying that ''Black Lives Matter'' one of the most racist thing you could say?
10  Do you think Elon Musk could drive drunk without ever getting arrested by the police?
9  Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux - who will win their upcoming bout?
11  Slovenia vs Croatia - which country is more beautiful to visit as a tourist?
7  Shark Tank vs Planet of the apps - which reality entrepreneurs tv show is more entertaining to watch?
8  Ben Simmons vs Lonzo Ball - which NBA player is more talented?
9  Why is Patrick Bet David closing Valuetainment on YouTube?
5  Vice News vs Fox News - which news are more accurate?
8  Is BYOD better than company issued?
9  Wimbledon vs Roland Garros - which tennis courts are better?
8  Are all these pandemic and post apocalyptic movies, series and games supposed to prep us for whats coming next?
5  Dennis Hof vs Floyd Mayweather - Which Pimp has the best defense?
6  Is Canada becoming the 51st american state?
10  Are you for or against net neutrality
5  Does the Apple (company) logo symbolize the forbidden fruit from the book of Genesis?
6  Will eating french fries really kill you?
8  Is Facebook becoming your official online ID card?
7  Lex Luthor vs Donald Trump - which fictional US president do you prefer?
6  Why did Tim Cook promote humanity and compassion when he is aware that Apple inc exploits children in China?
6  When taking your morning crapper, do you use a tablet or phone?
9  VR Training vs Real Training - Which is more valuable?
7  Ethereum vs Bitcoin - which one is more likely to still exist in the near future?
7  Defending people vs Minding your business
6  English vs Esperanto - which language is more international?
7  Would you prefer your employer to put a microchip on your right hand or on your forehead?
7  Does eating gluten make one tiny bit of difference in your diet?
10  When someone copies you, do you see it as a compliment or does it make you mad?
5  Did Bashar al-Assad really use chemical weapons or was it Erdogan under the command of Israel ?
8  Would you rather have a strong ally, or powerful subordinates?
8  crow vs raven - which bird do you prefer?
5  Dragon Ball Z vs Star Wars - which fictionnal universe do you prefer?
9  Buying PC Games when they come out vs Waiting for Steam Sale?
5  With this many celebrity idols to worship, do you still have room for the (true) God of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad?
7  arial vs verdana : which font is better?
8  Do you prefer playing Xbox in america safe at home or being a refugee in Belgrade inside a smokey warehouse?
11  France vs Germany - which country is better overall?
8  Do you consider yourself SUPERIOR or INFERIOR to the rest of society?
9  Do you believe that the government cares about what the general public has to say?
8  Which type of fry do you prefer?
6  Is the resurgence of "fake news" just an excuse to censor the internet?
5  Do you really care about people in space and how they are floating around in a space station? Be honest
6  American national anthem vs Russian national anthem - which sounds better?
7  Budweiser vs Coors Light - which beer tastes less like human urine?
6  India vs Pakistan - in which country would you prefer to live?
8  How do you tell fake news from real news?
4  Streets of rage or Final Fight, which classic side-scrolling fighting game is better?
6  Germans vs Portuguese - which civilization is greater?
7  Do you realize that you are actually alive right now? Why?
7  TCP/IP vs OSI - which model is more representative of reality?
4  LGBT lobby vs Zionist lobby - who brainwashed you the most over the recent years?