It`s an iconic image of summer - sweet, citrus-y relief from the sweltering heat, served up by adorable little entrepreneurs. But do people still frequent such 'establishments' as we imagine they did in the good ol` days? In this modern age when the public is better informed about communicable diseases, would a typical person balk at purchasing a lemonade from a homemade stand? This is an ongoing discussion in our household. Some of us (the parents!) think a lot of people would balk at buying due to a lack of confidence in the sanitariness of the whole situation ... everyone knows, for example, that not all kids do a good job of cleaning up after going potty - and the thought of grubby little fingers serving up their lemonade (w/ice to boot!) is not so appetizing. The kids, of course, think our concerns are much ado about nothing and that by being so concerned about health considerations, we are being party poopers. Who`s right?
By Dan
Category: Health
Submitted 04 August 2015

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    +1 # GreatGamingRivalries 2016-12-19 11:14
    Your English is simply amazing Dan.

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