Do you prefer good ol' Shark Tank or Planet of the Apps?
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Submitted 24 October 2017

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  • 7  Shark Tank vs Planet of the apps - which reality entrepreneurs tv show is more entertaining to watch?
    6  Steve Harvey vs Richard Dawson
    10  Laurent Delahousse vs David Pujadas
    7  @Midnight vs Talking Dead - best show featuring Chris Hardwick
    6  Jimmy Fallon vs Jimmy Kimmel - Who has more ego?
    10  RT News vs CNN
    6  That 70s Show vs How I Met Your Mother
    4  Who has the best talkshow? Jimmy Kimmel or Conan O'brien?
    2  Best TV sci-fi show between Star Wars Rebels and Dragon Ball Super
    3  Which TV show do you prefer? Ladies of London, Dash Dolls, I am Cait or Party Down South?
    4  Which drama series do you like better? Better Call Saul or Limitless
    2  Between, Quantico, Scorpion and Limitless which tv series is do you prefer?
    2  Which TV sci-fi do you prefer? Dragon Ball Super, Dominion, The Expanse, Star Crossed, Sense8, Killjoys, Humans or Helix?
    2  Which TV drama do you prefer? Constantine, Extant, Fargo, Fear the Walking Dead, Blindspot, Heroes Reborn or Scream queens?
    1  Which sci-fi series do you like better? Almost Human, Childshood End, Colony, Dark Matter or The After?
    1  Minority Report or Daredevil - Which drama series do you like better?
    0  Which TV drama do you prefer? izombie vs Forever us
    0  Which TV sci-fi do you prefer? Ascension or Olympus?
    2  Discovery Channel vs National Geographic : Best documentaries ?
    9  Vikings: Ragnar VS Rollo : Who do you prefer?
    3  Big Bang Theory Vs How I Met Your Mother : Best Show?
    6  Better Call Saul VS Breaking Bad : Best TV series?
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