The two carry many resemblances. They both happen in the middle ages, carry their touch of fantasy, unpredictable deaths, a big wall that protects everyone from the monsters. Which series do you prefer?
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Submitted 20 March 2016

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    4  Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons vs Stuart from Big Bang Theory
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    2  Best Comedy show between Transparent, Ash vs Evil dead, Broad city, The Brink and Last week tonight with John Oliver
    2  Best TV Comedy between Ballers, Faking it and Galavant?
    1  Which TV comedy do you prefer? About a boy or Back-ish?
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    24  Is Mr Robot a mix of #BreakingBad #TheMatrix #FightClub #Dexter #RealLife #NewYork #Fucking with your mind # MrRobot
    3  Should the show Mr. Robot stop promoting homosexuality?
    3  Rick Grimes Vs Daryl Dixon : Best Walking Dead Character?
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